A Chance Encounter

digital art


This was a piece inspired from a roleplay between another person and I on Paintberri around Christmas 2016

Drawn on Krita

It’s funny looking back on this now because I didn’t realize that I didn’t have my pressure sensitivity working properly at the time


Glasyalabolas – Best Guard

digital art


They used to have another name but their pride got the better of them. Glasyalabolas was cursed to embody aspects of a hound for their prideful transgressions but actively manifests the ‘hallo’ to remind themselves as well as others of where they’re originally from.

Presently they reside in a corner of hell breeding and training hell hounds and offers their services to both demons and humans alike….for a steep price naturally.

Secretly Glasyalabolas doesn’t really like dogs

//created on paintberri